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Handicapped Reasoning

Reasoning is one of the most important particle of Philosophical discussion, followed by logic but despite the fact that human nature is genomically development in a great flex of intelligent molecular structure and human DNA is designed in a such way that reasoning and logic is inherent property of man.
Reasoning and Logic are two important atoms of human existence which are responsible for holding the megastructures like NASA, Nuclear bombs and human rights all together, in the same room. So, in more soft way,I can say, these small atoms are responsible for war and peace same time and in more little depth of understanding,I might not be wrong to quote, reasoning and logic are two basic atomic particles which taught us the line between, Good and Evil and even beyond good and evil.

Reasoning and logic is like, if I am drinking water, why I am drinking water ,why I am drinking only the water,what is water,what is thirst, what is relation between water and thirst and if I am drinking i…
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The day between Thursday and Saturday is quit Sacred it’s like fashion day, all are well dressed and Bathed,white the rope with shining shoes and mellowed transposition in nature.  All stepping down the road softly, murmuring the names of Almighty Allah Crossing every cons and brews and lining up beautifully in the rows. Mosques are like allotted homes from paradise, brown dark oak wood flooring, semi dimmed yellow lighting, Royal immersion painting, walnut paneling,mesmerizing carpets, temperature controlling devices with exquisite linage of Air Conditioners and beautiful LCD panels.,Alhumdullah !Sheikh(Molvi Sahab)look beautiful with charming dress and sense of great softness in nature,like angle stepped down from paradise, face is like Noor. Masahallah!
All are in great shape of meditation, eyes are low, heart is broken and generosity is in blood,slipping our right hands in our pockets loosing down the coins showering down to shabby smelly peoples, torn cloths, …

Wīfmann to Wīmmann to Wumman, And Finally, the Woman!

This world is revolving around two creations, the one is with the penis and the other without it. Geocentrically, this creation without penis is most notable hotcake of all the times, Adam was almost gone nuts for her, and the only best man of Mr God, don’t gave dame shit about living in the paradise and just walked out happily from Luscious paradise for his non penis partner and walked down naked in the streets of world without food and shelter. Mr God,was even confused, how the hell it happened but it had happened and happened beautifully and perfectly. With passing time, things change and humans too, million of years had passed by and millions of wars, numerous kingdoms raised and fallen, Religion passed in and out,Sons of Abraham came and gone, Jesus was almost killed by Jews,Mohammad ended Prophethood,Civilisation after civilisation knocked out, deserts become oceans, heterosexuals become homosexuals, Kings became Presidents,Hitler almost vanished Jews, Israel occupied Palestinian…


Nature of human being is completely dependent on the fact,how he reacts to every complex order of reactionary world and one of the complex and extremely extravagant order is Freedom.  I can't define Freedom neither any philosophy nor maths can formalism it’s serious componential definable definition, it's quit difficult to explain either sense of freedom manipulate human behaviour or humanity in its core is made up of Freedom. Just some billion years ago when god created something out of mud and let them walk up and down in paradise, cover them with silk and fed them with honey, taught them secrets of universe and order,fire to bow before mud.  And what all god want from Adam and his wife is to obey his only The commandment but....! If we dig, little deep down the road of history of our papa and mama we really be fascinated and surprised,They were in The Paradise,fancy word for which all Children of Abraham are banging each other’s head and They were in direct Physical and commun…